The successful implementation of the citywide Internet in most major city centers
by the ministry of ICT through UNITA was a good foundational step towards the IOT (industrial revolution 4.0) age in Uganda.
The industrial revolution 4.0 (cyber physical systems) refers to the ability of all physical assets (cars, street cameras, watches, motorcycles, homes, television sets, kettles, lights, etc.) to be connected to the Internet.

This promises several advantages as shown below:

Seamless data exchange between physical systems and humans.

Improved quality of life by city dwellers

This is attained through improved information access and sharing.

Safety, Comfort, Efficiency

Revenue Generation

IOT in the Ugandan perspective

In order to put the concepts and principles of IOT into the context of the
Ugandan environment. I will discuss a few key applications that can be adopted
to solve some major challenges in our cities and towns.
The applications are to be subdivided into:

Timely Reporting failures

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City parking

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Waste management

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Pollution (Air, water, Noise)

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