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The plan

Many of the troubling challenges in our cities cannot be left to be solved entirely by governments and the responsible authorities. Governments have several challenges to attend to and with very slim resources. Further more the administrative overhead and beaurocracy make the execution slow and ineffective.
It is for the above constraints in the government structures that we have established a nation wide smart city initiative ( to accelerate the use of smart city strategies in solving some of the most pressing challenges in our major cities.
Through this initiative, several sample installations (experiments) are to be deployed all around the city with collaboration from city authorities, stakeholders and other government agencies. Data from these sample experiments will be used as evidence (justification) for further deployments and investment. The main source of funding for this effort especially in the initial stages is from personal savings. The capacity and resources to scale in the future will be using grants and donations from the general public and well wishers that would love to live in a smarter environment.
The success of this initiative entirely depends on the total involvement and participation of stakeholders in using the tools to collect data, provide constructive criticism, and also suggest better ways to tackle challenges.
More announcements about the nsci will be made through the official site of the initiative ( and through all available social media platforms.

Challenges with off the shelf solutions

Many people argue that off the shelf solutions from Europe, Asia and or the USA should be procured to solve some of the city’s most pressing challenges. This approach fails most of the time because such solutions were developed based on different environments and with different requirements in mind. The most viable approach is to have custom made solutions that are tailored to our local settings. This will prove both cheaper and more efficient in the long run and it also develops local capacity to innovate.